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Honeymoon Essentials

Honeymoon Essentials

congratulations on making it official! 

after what probably felt like life-long planning the perfect wedding, it is now the perfect time to celebrate with your spouse the beginning of an amazing life together. packing and planning for such an important trip can be daunting, but along with the perfect destination, the mumi honeymoon bundle will help you take off on your great adventure in the best and most organized way possible. 

this trip should be exciting and relaxing in every way, but the perfect honeymoon means something different to every couple. with this in mind, we’ve designated the world’s most romantic spots in every corner of the world for different types of couples to help you and your spouse explore the once-in-a-lifetime place perfect for your couple personality. 


Berlin- for the hipsters 

for history lovers and lovers of the unconventional, Berlin might be the place that catches your eye. visit Berlin in the summer months to take part in the city’s open-air cinemas, and take a bike tour around the city to travel through its history. with hundreds of things to do and places to visit, Berlin will be the perfect place for those looking for something different. 


Douro Valley- for the jetsetters

many consider the Douro the most beautiful region in the entire world, yet its out-of-this-world sights will not be the only thing to catch your attention in this luxury destination. from boat rides along the Douro river to a wine tasting at its spectacular vineyards, Douro Valley is the perfect place for the jetsetter couple. 


Bhutan- for the explorers

Bhutan’s untapped beauty and majesty are unparalleled for the explorer couple who seeks a more scenic and adventurous honeymoon. take a hike with your partner to explore Bhutan’s must-see destination, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, and you’ll feel the mystery and magic of the region. 


Rio de Janeiro- for the fun seekers

with beautiful beaches, jaw-dropping views, and its thrilling music, Rio is the place to go if you and your spouse are the fun-seeking types. with so much to do, from sightseeing to surfing, and visiting its famous Carnival, there will never be a dull moment for you and your partner in this incredible city.