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how to clean your kitchen

how to clean your kitchen

spring cleaning therapy - while we are all home 
kitchen edition

if you’re like us and you like to keep yourself busy, staying at home during social distancing can feel overwhelming and sometimes a bit boring when you’re used to the ongoing craziness of your typical day today. after a couple of days of being stuck at home, you might find there’s only so much tv you can watch and not enough board games to entertain the whole family. our mumi team gives you a little secret for surviving these difficult times: organizing and cleaning your home to help reduce stress and anxiety during times of uncertainty and overall inactivity. PS: it can also be a fun way to get your kids involved in a useful activity while they’re at home… following our organized philosophy, we decided to create a series of useful tips to keep you and your family busy during these odd times. on that note, let’s start with the kitchen!

here are some useful tips on how to tidy up that messy fridge and cabinets using one of our mumi favorites. thanks to our reusable zip up bags you can make sure all your small kitchen appliances and vegetables or snacks are properly stowed away and always within reach.

1. store pre-washed and cut vegetables in your mumi reusable zip up bags and put them in the fridge. storing your ready-to-make vegetables in our zip-ups can make cooking that much easier and will help them stay fresh and accessible for every meal! this tip can also help you in the future for meal-prepping practiced during your very busy weeks :)

2. keep all your opened snacks in mumi's reusable zip up bags so they stay fresh and handy. no worries… it happens to all of us, maybe one day your kid was sneaking in a snack and forgot to close the bag of chips with the bag clip, so, the chips ended up going to waste, and now you have to make another trip to the supermarket. the good thing is, you don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore, because once you open the snacks stowing them away in our reusable zip ups bags will keep chips crispy and animal crackers just as yummy!

3. use our large reusable zip up bag to store washed greens so they can stay fresh longer and will be ready for your salad when you are. keep your greens stored in the zip ups to have them ready to eat for any meal!

staying organized can mean a lot of different things, but in many cases, it can mean making your things accessible and ready to go at all times. with our reusable zip up bags you can color code and reorganize your kitchen to get things ready to go and in hand whenever you need!

also another plus, remember our reusable zip up bags are all BPA and LEAD free so they are food safe!