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tidy organized closet

tidy organized closet

spring cleaning therapy - while we are all home 
closet edition

In this season of cleaning therapy, our mumi team will focus on organizing and cleaning your closet. in the same fashion as last week’s blog, this week is all about using cleaning as a technique to reduce stress and anxiety in these times of insecurity. with your closet in mind, this week, our mumi advice will follow the popular KonMari method, a method created by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. the KonMari method is a technique used to organize and tidy up your space category-by-category. today, we’ll follow her method and start with your clothes! 

Marie Kondo describes the six basic rules that define her method and will help transform the way you look at organization: 
1. commit yourself to tidying up.
2. imagine your ideal lifestyle.
3. finish discarding first. 
4. tidy by category, not location.
5. follow the right order.
6. ask yourself if it sparks joy.

following the KonMari method, think about the items in your closet that speak to your heart—pieces that add value to your life. if the item no longer sparks joy, it’s time to let them go. this time can also be an excellent opportunity to donate some of your old clothes to those in need. look for your nearest shelter and help them make a perceptible difference. 

once you’ve chosen the items that spark joy, those items that make you happy, the goal is to end up with an organized home—one that brings calm and prosperity. now that spring is just around the corner, remember to put away those bulky sweaters, jackets, and scarves, and bring out the lighter layers for upcoming sunny days! 

now, we move on to folding these precious items!
The KonMari method also gives you tips on how to store your clothes to appreciate your items and make them easier to pick and choose. for more on the KonMari folding method, click here

with her method in mind, our mumi team recommends our packing cubes to tidy up your drawers and reorganize those clothes you’ll need next winter. the different sizes are perfect for accommodating the various categories of clothing. use the largest ones to store heavy sweaters, and the smaller ones to store items like scarves, hats, and gloves. 

now remember, your home is your sanctuary, and it should always make you feel happy. in these stressful times, find joy in the smaller things, like organizing, which can bring about comfort and a sense of productivity at times when you feel especially inactive. organizing and tidying up can help you create a clutter and stress-free home for you and your family—a place that will always bring peace and calm to you and your loved ones!