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RV + mumi = perfect travel match

RV + mumi = perfect travel match

It kinda feels like the days of fearless air travel are long behind. But new challenges lead to new adventures and RV is an amazing way to get out of town while staying safe.
Sometimes tiny spaces can feel a little crowded, but not anymore! Pack your mumi travel essentials to keep your RV neat and hit the road in a safer way to travel.  
RVing tips:
  • Plan a flexible route
Before you go, make a list of the places you want to visit and know ahead of time how long it will take to get there. 
Leave room for improvisation and be open to changing course, you might want to do some pit stops at unexpected places, it's part of the beauty of RVing!
  • Make reservations
Book everything. Campsite, museums, restaurants, and activities. Make the best of each destination by googling them well beforehand and learning about the fun things they have to offer you and your family. Check local and campground guidelines.
  • Check local and campground guidelines

Study the map of the campground sites online and download apps that increase your RV experience like The National Parks app, Yellowstone app, check GoRVing.com, and soak up new ideas for your adventure.

  • Plan your meals

Prepare a menu before going on the trip. Healthy and chunky snacks for everyone are the perfect combo to stay in shape but feel like you're taking a break from the routine.

  • Organize your travel essentials

Take time to put your things together. Choose what's really necessary and pack your mumis to hit the road.

packing cubes: simplify organizing your clothing, save space, and reduce mess.

toiletry cubes: a smart and stylish way to organize your toiletries and grooming products. 

travel clutch: a place for your credit cards, passports, cell phone, lipstick, and e-reader.

shoe bags: ideal to ensure your clothes stay clean and far from dirty shoes. 

reusable zip up bags: durable and lightweight. Expandable base for easy packing and cleaning. 


planning for RV travel never felt so right!